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Your Campaign needs a team to win. And every team member must be sure their actions, attitude and appearance reflect positively on you and your campaign.

Too often candidates run out of time before collecting enough money to win. Our experience allows you to target your best prospects first so you're collecting the most money in the least amount of time possible.

Campaigns need money to deliver your message to voters before Election Day. We make a plan, unique to your Campaign, to do that. We've been making plans since 2003, so we know how to do it.

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Nungesser Consulting (NC) provides professional fundraising services to select Republican candidates and conservative causes in Louisiana.
‚ÄčNC has been helping its clients fund their campaigns since 2007, with more than $62 million raised from some 40,000 donors.

Nungesser Consulting has a database of more than 40,000 donors. Our data is consistently updated and expanded to give you the best pool of donors with the contact information you need to connect to them.

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